What is BankLink?

BankLink is a service which provides your accountant with secure access to business transaction records directly from your financial institution. This bypasses the need for bank statements or computer records to be manually submitted to your accountant. Hours of data entry time will be saved and errors significantly reduced. Implementation of BankLink via Joseph Hughes Accountants will give you more time to work on things that matter. You will no longer have to pay for costly software updates.

BankLink has a strong reporting function and will help Joseph Hughes Accountants prepare and present advice, specifically tailored for your particular circumstances, that assists you meet business and financial goals.

To watch a video about how BankLink works click on the image below (note: this will open in a new window).

Watch a video about how BankLink works

For more information on BankLink and the solutions that are provided through this service, visit

BankLink Authority Form

To setup BankLink and authorise Joseph Hughes Accountants to download data for your account(s) an authority form must be completed. A BankLink Authority form can be downloaded here. Just complete the authority and post or deliver the original direct to Joseph Hughes Accountants for processing.