Overdue BAS

Do you have one or more Business Activity Statements to lodge at once?

For some of us, lodging a BAS every quarter, or every year can be difficult, and some of us just plain forget. But lodging a BAS is required by law for any GST registered business in Australia.

The truth is, it’s never too late to lodge your BAS. If you have gotten behind with BAS lodgement, it’s ok as long as you lodge voluntarily and don’t owe any GST to the ATO.

Joseph Hughes Accountants can help with lodgement of late BAS statements.

We help people just like you every day. Even if you are many years behind, we can look after you. Our fee structure and maximum refund guarantee ensures that you get the best possible outcome.

We have an optimised web service that allow you to quickly send us securely all your information to be ready before your appointment. You can even skip the appointment if your work schedule does not allow you to take time off. We will make sure all your BAS are processed on our end.

We work with each client to ensure they meet their accounting obligations and are able to grow and prosper. If you are ready, please contact us.